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Puddles along my path, 44.322701, 9.983710 to 44.328430, 9.971970, Set of 4 unframed prints copy 2

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Puddles have a way of forming repetitively in the same spot. A dip is

formed and worn away by surface movement, because what underlies is

hard, impermeable rock. After the rain, this causes water to remain

stagnant at the surface and soften the top layer of gravel which then gets

pushed and flicked to the side as vehicles or feet pass.

To fix the problem we have to dig deep.

A joy to curious children, puddles can seem a nuisance to adults. The ones

I navigate in a car on my way home had become a source of exasperation

for two decades; they meant delayed parcels, reluctant visitors, a bumpy

ride and constant conflict with my local authority over the lack of


On a late winter’s afternoon, I began to document these puddles . One by

one , as in an introduction, I familiarized myself with them. Their aesthetic

quality, changed focus plane from surface to reflected image and back

again. I saw milky earth, bare trees, shed leaves and warm, soft ,tones.

Wonder arose from walking with my head down. Puddles have a valuable

perspective .

Stefano Azario

Bagnone, December 2022

Giclee print on Museum Quality Hahnemühle Fine Art paper. Every print is signed, numbered and certified.

Paper finish used selected based on the image at photographer's discretion.

All editions are /8 plus 2 artist's proofs.

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